Telephone 01334 655 578
Approximate size of containers:
150 square feet
1150 cubic feet
Internal dimensions - 19'4"x7'9"x7'9"
Double Door - size 7'8"wide, 7'6"high
Pre-Racked Containers available designed to store upto approx 240 archive boxes in an efficient and easily accessible manner.  Call for availability and pricing. 
How can I calculate how much storage space I need?
A common question which, because of the variety of storage items, is a difficult question to answer, however detailed below are some guides to potential storage requirements.
Bedrooms Will fit into or SqFt
1 Transit Van or 30-60sqft
2 Luton Van or 60-85sqft
3 Single Garage or 90-140sq ft
4 Double Garage or 160sqft +
Archive Boxes Will fit into or SqFt
20 A Car or 16sqft
100 Transit or 25 sqft
200 Luton Van or 75sq ft
250 Double Garage or 160ft+